Mats Nilsson

Mats Nilsson is professor of biochemistry/molecular diagnostics at Stockholm University and SciLifeLab, and has developed in situ RNA sequencing, which reveals spatial patterns of gene expression with single-cell resolution.

Mats Nilsson is also the Site Director for SciLifeLab in Stockholm.

Key publications:

Kühnemund M, Wei Q, Darai E, Wang Y, Hernandez-Neuta, I, Yang Z, Tseng D, Ahlford A, Mathot L, Sjöblom T, Ozcan A, Nilsson M. Targeted DNA sequencing and in situ mutation analysis using mobile phone microscopy. Nature Communications (2017)

Ke R, Mignardi M, Pacureanu A, Svedlund J, Botling J, Wahlby C, Nilsson M. In situ sequencing for RNA analysis in preserved tissue and cells. Nature Methods (2013)

Larsson C, Grundberg I, Söderberg O, Nilsson M. In situ detection and genotyping of individual mRNA molecules. Nature Methods (2010)

Larsson C, Koch J, Nygren A, Janssen G, Raap AK, Landegren U, Nilsson M. In situ genotyping individual DNA molecules by target-primed rolling-circle amplification of padlock probes. Nature Methods (2004)