Christos Samakovlis

Christos Samakovlis is professor of Developmental Biology at Stockholm University and SciLifeLab. His laboratory uses high resolution, single cell analysis to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to respiratory organ development. 

Key publications:

Dabral S, Muecke C, Savai R, Valasarajan C, Schmoranzer M, Wietelmann A, Semenza GL, Samakovlis C, Weissmann N, Grimminger F, Seeger W, Dammann R, Pullamsetti SS. Vascular RASSF1A: HIF1 feed-forward loop triggers hypoxia induced pulmonary hypertension. Nature Communications (2019)

Klymenko O, Huehn M, Wilhelm J, Wasnick R, Shalashova I, Ruppert C, Henneke I, Hezel S, Guenther K, Mahavadi P, Samakovlis C, Seeger W, Guenther A, Korfei M. Regulation and role of the ER stress transcription factor CHOP in alveolar epithelial type-II cells. J. Mol. Med. (2019)

Yao L, Wang S, Westholm JO, Dai Q, Matsuda R, Hosono C, Bray S, Lai EC, Samakovlis C. Genome-wide identification of Grainy head targets in Drosophila reveals regulatory interactions with the POU domain transcription factor Vvl. Development (2017)

Matsuda R, Hosono C, Samakovlis C.*, Saigo K. Multipotent versus differentiated cell fate selection in the developing Drosophila airways. Elife, (2015)

Hosono C., Matsuda R., Adryan B., Samakovlis C. Transient junction anisotropies orient annular cell polarization in the Drosophila airway tubes. Nature Cell Biology (2015)

Matsuda R, Hosono C, Saigo K, Samakovlis C. The Intersection of the Extrinsic Hedgehog and WNT/Wingless Signals with the Intrinsic Hox Code Underpins Branching Pattern and Tube Shape Diversity in the Drosophila Airways. PLoS Genetics (2015)